When we get a tattoo, we intend for it to be permanent. However, life happens, changes come in our life and sometimes we end up with “TATTOO REGRET”!  Recent advances in laser technology have increased both the safety and effectiveness of Laser Tattoo Removal.  Wichita Laser Clinic uses the a Q-Switched Nd:Yag Laser, the gold-standard in non-invasive laser tattoo removal for your unwanted ink. Using this latest technology, the laser delivers a high-powered, very short, pulsed beam of light at specific wavelengths (532nm and 1064nm). The laser emits a focused beam of light, which passes through the outer layer of the skin and is absorbed primarily by the tattoo ink. The light is converted into heat, which breaks the ink into tiny particles. The ink fragments are carried away by the body’s lymphatic system.  The tattoo will then fade over a serious of treatments.